Summer. Magic, warm, and wonderful, but also time to declare war on the grass, the nettles, and the stickybuds.

I think this text actually captures my unease with deep learning. I used a realist approach in my academic career, and the instrumentalist approach takes just forces it down an application centric route without true understanding of the problem space.

We’re just guessing where Mars will be in a single projection, rather than capturing it’s orbital parameters.

My daughter is demanding that the blackbirds get in the water with the ducks.

@Privacymatters while these proposed auditing frameworks are an obvious check and balance, I wonder what the best way to incentivise multinationals to use these?

Government regulation springs to mind, but current track record on that is appalling and technical knowledge doesn’t seem to float up to policy makers.

And then market forces don’t seem to be very effective as these devices have found a blind spot via short term utility versus long term indirect consequences.

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Paper. 'Your Echos are Heard: Tracking, Profiling, and Ad Targeting in the Amazon Smart Speaker Ecosystem'

"We find that Amazon processes voice data to infer user interests and uses it to serve targeted ads on-platform (Echo devices) as well as off-platform (web). Smart speaker interaction leads to as much as 30X higher ad bids from advertisers. Finally, we find that Amazon's and skills' operational practices are often inconsistent with their privacy policies"

As an

I am Carl, I run a software business, do DIY , , , and .

Raising 2 kids in the countryside and hoping to saturate them with curiosity and wonder for the world.

Also big fan of so talk to me about ADnD2e and

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because I have so many new users coming #mastodonTips #mastodon


1) in addition to a bio, consider also making an #introduction / #introduction post also check this tag to find people who are also new and their interests

2) is a wonderful place to find people who are active. it is human moderated. if you decide to stick around and have the bandwidth to do so, consider joining a list to welcome others as well.


@ben that’s actually pretty awesome and I imagine the itch crowd will flock to it!

@ben hey if you can’t criticise you can’t optimise!

Went on a ramble with the boy to the river. It’s hard to make out, but Sand Martins are nesting in the bank!

@ben my bad for choosing an Esperanto word for it!

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The Greenhouse computer is nearly ready for initial deployment. So far it’s a solar powered blinking light

Very much enjoying the Early Access Journey of . A mysterious world, and incident in the capital city, and all information about it held back. …Or is it?

How To Read A Book

I found it was an interesting and still incredibly valid perspective even in these days of Wikipedia and indexed research articles. Taking the time to really absorb and think about the information, and to introspect your own decisions about the material.

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